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Christman Music Band and Orchestra Rentals

About our Rental Program

Christman Music is proud to partner with Music & Arts to provide a rent to own program of high quality band and orchestra instruments!  We have quality name brands like Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, Buffet, and many others, with all instruments professionally set up and adjusted in-house.  Here are a few details of our rental program:

Our rental rates are currently:

Group A instruments are $28/month (violin, viola) and $30/month (flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, bell     and percussion kits)

Group B instruments are $40/month (alto sax, oboe, cello)

Group C instruments are $60/month (tenor sax, french horn, baritone horn, bass clarinet and string bass)

We also rent tubas, full conservatory oboes, and double french horns, please inquire for rates as they are not available on this website.  There is an optional LDW coverage available on all instruments that cover normal wear and tear, routine maintenance, repairs and theft.   LDW coverage starts at $6/month for Group A instruments, $8/month for Group B and $11/month for Group C.

More details about our rental program:

  • All rent money applies towards purchase of the instrument but you can also return the instrument at any time with no obligation to buy!
  • We offer a 30% discount if you purchase an instrument and also a 30% early payoff discount for rentals
  • The cost of LDW coverage starts at $6/month for violin, viola, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone and percussion kit;  $8/month for alto sax, oboe, and cello;  $11/month for tenor sax, french horn, and baritone horn for the first month.  Thereafter the rate increases to $8/month, $10/month and $13/month respectively.
  • You may exchange the instrument at any time for another instrument and all the rent money you have paid will be applied to the next instrument.
  • Repairs will be completed at our store and in a timely fashion.  We do not send off repairs, which can take weeks, as we have an in-house repair facility.  Christman Music is known for high quality, professional repairs and this helps insure your child's success on that instrument.  Many people give up playing an instrument because they become frustrated when it doesn't play properly.  Our professional repair department makes sure that doesn't happen and your child will enjoy playing music much more on a finely tuned instrument!  
  • We offer free weekly pick up and delivery at your child's school and we are centrally located in Naples if you prefer to come into our store.  We also offer curbside service at your request.
  • ​All instruments are cleaned according to CDC guidelines.
  • Christman Music is a locally owned small business based in Naples.  While other stores are based out of town and only visit Naples schools, when you do business with us you are supporting your local economy!