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Repair Services by Craig Christman

I offer a full range of repair services, as well as custom work, on woodwind, brasswind, orchestral strings, percussion, keyboards, guitars, and all electronic instruments from student to professional level.   Every instrument I work on receives the greatest care and I only use the very best parts, tools, and materials available.  My shop is fully equipped with the latest and greatest tools for all wind instruments such as an Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaner, HD color borescope, Magnehelic (pressurized leak indicator), and many other state of the art tools.  I focus on providing the finest quality repairs, with an extreme attention to detail, to provide the performing artist the highest level of satisfaction with their instrument.  I work hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology, to improve my craft and to develop my skills to the highest ability, yet still maintaining an Old World work ethic rarely found these days.  I'm a Straubinger Certified flute and clarinet pad technician and I'm also a member of NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians). Christman Music of Naples is also a Roland and Korg authorized service center.   Some of my clients include:

  • The faculty and students at University of Miami, Florida Gulf Coast University, University of South Florida in Tampa, Miami Dade Community College, Florida International University
  • Musicians of the Naples Philharmonic, Florida Orchestra, Sarasota Orchestra, New World Symphony, and Cleveland Orchestra (when in residency in Miami)
  • Students and professionals from around the world

Some of my professional clients include:

  • Natalie Berg - Trumpet with the Naples Philharmonic
  • Mario Bernardo - Professor of Saxophone at Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Ed Calle - Saxophonist with Arturo Sandoval, recording artist
  • Gary Campbell - Professor of Saxophone at Florida International University
  • Bharat Chandra - Principal Clarinetist of the Sarasota Orchestra
  • John Clouser - Principal Bassoonist of the Cleveland Orchestra 
  • David Dash - Trumpet with the Naples Philharmonic
  • Calvin Falwell - Professor of Clarinet at the University of South Florida in Tampa
  • Brandon Fields - LA studio musician, also performed with Tower of Power 
  • Anthony Georgeson - Principal Bassoonist with the Florida Orchestra
  • Jim Holbrook - Retired Senior Pastor of McGregor Baptist Church, saxophone soloist
  • Gary Keller - Professor of Jazz Saxophone at University of Miami
  • Suzanne Kirton - Prinicipal Flutist with the Naples Philharmonic
  • Ashley Leigh - Clarinetist with the Naples Philharmonic
  • Jacin Nagao - Performs on sax/guitar with Ricky Martin
  • Phillip Paglialonga - Professor of Clarinet at Virginia Tech
  • Don Rhynard - Principal Saxophonist with the Naples Philharmonic
  • Wayne Shorter - Saxophonist, Jazz Legend!
  • Kristen Sonneborn - Prinicpal Bassoonist with the Naples Philharmonic
  • Matt Sonneborn - Principal Trumpet with the Naples Philharmonic
  • Laura Stephenson - Clarinetist with the Sarasota Orchestra
  • Dale Underwood - Professor of Classical Saxophone at University of Miami

I have been professionally repairing instruments for almost 30 years and have earned a solid reputation both as a full time professional musician and as a repair technician.  My experience as a multi-instrumentalist has given me a unique insight into the different instruments and I take great pride in the work that I do!  If you have any repair questions or concerns, feel free to contact me either by email or phone 239-254-8863.  To read a little more about me, click here.


Cecilio, Mendini, and others....oh my!

Please note, we do not service brands such as Cecilio, Mendini and many others found on sites like Amazon, Ebay, and elsewhere.  We can't get parts for those instruments and they are inexpensive for a reason!  We've tried in the past to accommodate people who have been lured by the cheap price but our willingness to help them has always come back to bite us.  They usually break again soon after the repair, often times it's something else unrelated to what we fixed the first time but unfortunately the customer thinks we didn't do a proper repair job.  We will be happy to show you a quality instrument though, so you can see the difference and will do our best to to give you the best price possible!